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Download Cydia Impactor Latest Version for Windows, Mac, Linux. You can easily Install IPA Files on iPhone, iPad devices using any computer.

USB Drivers Included | Install Jailbreak Apps | Root Android | Unlock bootloader

Using an iOS Smartphone as the default machine is fun, right? However, you must be missing installing third-party apps, like on Android phones. If it’s right, then we’re here with the Cydia Impactor. Download Cydia Impactor from this webpage to start installing the third-party IPA files on any of your iPhones.

Finally, your waiting is over now, and you’re ready to download the IPA files directly on your Smartphone via a web browser and install them on your iPhone. It would be a little bit complex process, but you’ll comprehend it entirely in a single go. Just go through the entire below article and must Download Cydia Impactor Tool to employ on your iPhone.

What is Cydia Impactor?

If you’re a professional techie enthusiast, then you must have heard the name Cydia Impactor before. Even if you hadn’t yet, not a big deal; Cydia Impactor is simply a tool or a PC software that lets you install the IPA archives on your iOS Smartphones by employing Cydia’s simplistic Graphical User Interface (GUI). Now, what’s the IPA file?

If you’re an Android guy, then you must have heard about the APK word. Yeah, APK is the application archive file for Android Smartphones, and consequently, IPA is the extension for iOS Smartphones.

It’s the same application archive file containing a binary for the ARM architecture and is only deemed to be installed on the iOS Smartphone. Things are getting more straightforward now!

Combining both the above statements, Cydia Impactor is a GUI that supports installing the IPA application archives on your iOS Smartphones. It’s a PC software developed for all of your desired OS, including macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Additionally, the Cydia Impactor will also help you in installing the jailbreaking archives, and there are so many distinct features available with this tool listed in the below section –

Cydia Impactor Features

The only future of technology is to make things more simplistic, more manageable, and more time frequent. Constantly, the enthusiastic individual developer named Saurik, aka Jay Freeman, developed our most loved tool, Cydia Impactor.

He worked damn hard and included so many furious features within the software, ready to make you feel enthusiastic towards Cydia Impactor. There are many of them, and however, we’ve pointed out a few of them below –

Install Jailbreak Files

Install Jailbreak Files

After all those Android-based features, let’s get towards the most influential iOS feature delivered by the Cydia Impactor—Install Jailbreak Applications. Jailbreak Applications are simply the apps of your iOS Smartphones that can help you manipulate and make changes to your operating system.

Nevertheless, these apps need a jailbreak to unlock to get installed on your iOS Smartphones. Sidelong, if you want to install those apps without jailbreaking your Smartphone, you can try Cydia Impactor. It will help you install all such jailbreak applications damn handily.

Unlock Bootloader

Unlock Bootloader

Have you got annoyed with following the most complex processes for booting your Smartphones into Fastboot modes, like implementing all those easily forgettable commands and installing different drivers for such a simplistic task?

If it’s true, then you are in immediate need of the Cydia Impactor! Yeah, Cydia Impactor is basically the tool developed to make this complex process smoothest in just a few clicks. Moreover, You can also unlock the bootloader of your Smartphones in just a few clicks after using Cydia Impactor. Coolness is in the air!

Rooting Android

Rooting Android

Rooting is the most exceptional process these days with Android Smartphones. These days, everyone dreams of getting more out of his Smartphone, whether it’s in the words of processes, task completion speed, or overall compatibility.

However, the process of rooting Android Smartphones isn’t that smooth or simplistic; it’s way too complex. Afterward, You would also have to be careful about all the prerequisites steps. Otherwise, you can get stuck in errors. Fortunately, We’ve our superb protocol Cydia Impactor with us, where you can root your phone in some rare clicks.

USB Driver Installation

USB Driver Installation

The first and the most impressive feature we’ve got within the Cydia Impactor tool is the USB Driver installation. Calling it more simple, You must have found this thing out while using the Android smartphones, that finding the compatible USB drivers for different brand Smartphones is complex.

You can now download it from the above link and install it on your PC to access all these USB drivers without any annoyance. No matter if it’s any Android Smartphone, the Cydia Impactor contains ADB drivers and all required tools compatible with all kinds of Android smartphones.

Packages Installation

Packages Installation

Being an Android user makes us capable of doing all our desired tweaks, like flashing the most impeccable custom ROMs, riding all kinds of user interfaces on non-compatible smartphones, and modifying applications independently. But we’re lacking one thing between here, the TWRP Recovery tool.

If you are a cool techie, you must know that you need to install custom recovery on your device to flash the Custom ROMs and enjoy fantastic UI. Why install such things and make the process more complex? Let it go and install the Cydia Impactor tool on your PC to install these packages conveniently, without these recovery tool installations.

Download Cydia Impactor

Finally, the wait is over, and we’re handing you your most desired tool named Cydia Impactor. We’ve placed the download links below for almost all its recent versions, and our recommendation would always be there for the latest version of Cydia Impactor, i.e., Cydia Impactor 0.9.52. Except that, you need to be careful while downloading this tool, as we’ve listed all three different protocols for distinct operating systems.

Download it for any operating systems, including Windows, macOS, or Linux, and use it ASAP. It’s a convenient tool that offers you a direct run feature. In simple words, the app won’t need a complex installation process, and you can launch it quietly just by double-clicking on it.

NOTE: Must not run Cydia Impactor setup file as administrator on your PC’s OS since it can make you stuck with an error.

File NameCydia Impactor
Size19 MB
SupportsWindows, Mac, Linux
DeveloperJay Freeman
Last UpdatedJanuary 23, 2022
Installation GuideRead Here

How to use Cydia Impactor for Windows, Mac, and Linux?

Again, it’s the most convenient process to employ the Cydia Impactor on any of your Operating systems. All you need is to be careful on every step we’re providing below and follow them appropriately. Additionally, You need to follow these below prerequisites before getting forward on the Cydia Impactor operating process –


  1. Firstly, you need to download your desired version of Cydia Impactor from the above download link.
  2. After that, you have to match the time and date on your iOS Smartphone and PC and embed the similar date & time data on both these devices. 
  3. If you’re using Windows or macOS to operate the Cydia Impactor, you would also have to install the latest version of iTunes on both devices(PC and Smartphone).
  4. While downloading the Cydia Impactor on Linux OS-based PCs, you need to be careful about downloading the compatible one between 32-bit and 64-bit systems. 
  5. Never forget installing USB drivers and enabling USB debugging if using Android Smartphones.

If you’re observing provision.cpp.150 error unexpectedly; it’s the old version error. In that case, you need to update to the latest iOS version of your Smartphone or use the latest Smartphone.

Method 1: Install IPA Files on iOS devices with two-factor verification disabled

Step 1 – Firstly, download the latest version of the Cydia Impactor ZIP file on your PC, according to the OS you’re working on.

Step 2 – Download and install the updated iTunes version on your PC.

Step 3 – Now, find and download the IPA file of the application you want to install on your iPhone or iPad and store it in a specific folder, just for the sake of convenience. 

Step 4 – As we discussed above, Cydia Impactor you’re downloading is the zipped file. So download any extractor tool like WinRAR and extract it to the exact location where you stored the IPA file.

Step 5 – Plug your iOS Smartphone, or iPod with the PC, using the compatible USB cable.

Step 6 – The folder you extracted on Step 4 will provide you with the Impactor.exe file. Double-click that file, and soon you’ll observe the Cydia Impactor homepage.

Step 7 – It’ll take a few seconds for Cydia Impactor to recognize your iOS Smartphone. Afterward, You’ll observe the menu bar above on the Cydia Impactor screen; tap the Device section there. 

Step 8 – Choose the Install Packages tab beneath the Devices section, and upload the IPA file location you downloaded recently. You can also drag and drop that file directly on the Install Packages section. 

Step 9 – Right now, You’ll be asked for the Apple ID and Password while pressing the Start button. Inscribe both these credentials and press Enter.

Step 10 – Now, get to your iOS Smartphone and open the Device Management section(Address – Setting > General > Device Management).

Step 11 – You’ll now observe the IPA app you’re installing within your Apple ID. Just click the Trust “Apple ID” tab, and hit the Trust button on the next prompt.

Step 12 – Finally, You’ve installed the IPA file successfully and can launch it anytime by finding it on the App Drawer

Method 2: Install IPA files on iPhone with two-factor verification enabled

After following the above process, most guys observe the error by two-factor verification of iOS applications. It’s the rarest so-called error that won’t annoy you every time, but still, if you’re attending to such a matter, then you can follow the below process and disable the two-factor verification on your AppleID.

Step 1 – Firstly, Open the on your phone’s browser and inscribe the credentials of your AppleID to get logged in.

Step 2 – Now, enter the One Time Password sent to your device for two-factor authentication of your account.

Step 3 – You’ll now observe the two-factor authentication enabled with the Generate Password option under the App-Specific Passwords section.

Step 4 – Click on that exact Generate Password section and engrave a label name (Any label name will work).

Step 5 – Now, you’ll get an app-specific password created for that label. Please copy and paste it on Notepad. 

Step 6 – Follow Step 1 to Step 6 as provided above.

Step 7 – Use the new app-specific password for your Apple ID on the next round.

Step 8 – Now, Follow Step 8 to Step 9 as acknowledged.

Step 9 – Finally, You’ll become capable of installing the IPA file on your Apple device by the above method.

Cydia Impactor Tutorial 2022

Check the below video tutorial to know How to Fix Cydia Impactor Provision cpp 173 error!

Cydia Impactor FAQs

Is Cydia Impactor working?

Yeah, Cydia Impactor is a working tool, and it’s unmistakably working right now for all the iOS versions. You can download the latest version of Cydia Impactor, i.e., Cydia Impactor 0.9.52, from the link here and employ it.

Is Cydia Impactor safe?

Yeah, Cydia Impactor is the most trustworthy GUI that lets you install the IPA packages on your iOS Smartphones. It contains no side bugs or viruses and offers seamless service without any interruptions.

Does Cydia Impactor work on iOS 14?

Cydia Impactor is one of the modern GUI which gets updated almost every month, including the most current features. And consequently, it works with the latest iOS 14!

What is Cydia Impactor?

Cydia Impactor is a quite Graphical User Interface(GUI) that lets you install the IPA files and most of the jailbreak applications on your iOS Smartphones. Moreover, It also makes most of the complex tweaks simplistic.

Where to download Cydia Impactor?

There are colossal sources to download the Cydia Impactor, but we’ll recommend you to download it here. Above, we’ve placed the most current version of the official Cydia Impactor. Moreover, It’s the safest file with no ads attached to it!

Does Cydia Impactor need jailbreak to work?

As we told you above, Cydia Impactor is a convenient and user-friendly protocol, so consequently, it doesn’t need jailbreak. However, some of the IPA apps will require you to jailbreak your phone before installation.

Is Cydia Impactor a free tool?

No doubt! Cydia Impactor is a 100% free tool, and it needs no complex processes for installation. It’s a direct-run app that requires no setup, download it from the above link, extract the zipped file, and run the Impactor.exe file.